Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9:30AM - 5:00PM

Spa Etiquette — keeping some simple tips in mind can make your day at the spa more pleasurable for yourself and others.

Booking Appointments
Please call 226-290-0336 or reserve your appointment. A valid major credit card number is required at the time of booking for all spa packages to confirm your reservation.

Book in Advance
Booking two weeks in advance is recommended to secure your best choice of appointment dates and times.

Join a friend
Please inform us at time of booking if you are planning to share time at the spa with a companion so we can endeavour to match your schedules accordingly.

Health Conditions
Please advise us of relevant health conditions at the time of booking and when filling out your health form so that our Spa specialist can offer an experience tailored to your specific needs.
Why do we collect health information?
Health information is collected in order to promote a safe and healthy environment for our guests, to ensure continuity of information from one visit to the next, and to assist in customizing treatments to individual needs, particularly if there are medical issues or allergies which could have contraindications for certain products or services. Your health information can be updated annually or at your convenience. We appreciate your patience as we work towards being able to merge the information you may have previously provided (eg. for massage therapies) with any additional information you provide pertaining to aesthetics services.


  • Please help us preserve a tranquil environment by lowering your voice and turning off your cell phone.
  • Evolve Medical Spa is a smoke-free facility. According to bylaws, smoking is not permitted in the building or within 9 metres of the entrance.

Lost Items:
Unfortunately Evolve Medical Spa cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen or misplaced items. Valuables are best left at home.

Preparation for your Appointment:

  • Men receiving a facial should shave at least two hours before their appointment.
  • For body treatments we recommend that any shaving be done the day before because it is best not to shave on the day of an exfoliation.

Healthcare Insurance Coverage:
Healthcare insurance coverage covers Therapeutic Massages performed by Registered Massage Therapists. Please note your need for a receipt at booking and again, at check-in. Due to insurance company policies a receipt for Registered Massage Therapy cannot be issued for gift certificates and their redemption. If you choose to upgrade from a relaxation massage to a Registered Massage Therapy in a Spa Package, an insurance receipt will only be issued for the value of the Registered Massage Therapy, not the entire package price.

Gratuities are appreciated, at your discretion. Each esthetician and Massage Therapist has a personal purse located at the reception area for gratuities or you may present the gratuity directly to the esthetician or Massage Therapist.

Prices, services, policies and hours are subject to change without notice.

All pricing is plus HST and do not include gratuities.

Refund and Exchange Policy:
Within 30 days of purchase, retail items may be refunded in the form of a spa credit or exchanged for other products of equal value. Item/items must be unused, in their original packaging and accompanied by the original receipt of sale.

Accepted Forms of Payment:
Evolve Medical Spa accepts most major credit cards, debit, cash & Evolve gift certificates. We are sorry but we do not accept cheques.

Gift Cards:
Evolve Medical Spa Gift Cards are available for purchase in the form of à la carte services, Spa Packages, or as Dollar-Value Gifts. Gift cards are an excellent way to reward and recognize someone special. Spa Gift Cards can be purchased at the spa or by telephone with a credit card. If you receive a Gift Card for a package or service that you don’t want, you may use the dollar value of that certificate towards any product or service you would like, however, Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash. Any remaining value on Gift Card can be applied to future visits, or can be used to purchase After Spa Care products. Spa Gift Cards do not typically include gratuities. Gift Cards cannot be purchased for the monthly spa special. We are sorry but we are not responsible for lost or damaged Gift Cards.

During your treatment your body will be professionally draped at all times so it’s up to you whether you disrobe completely or leave your undergarments on for massage and body treatments. Disposable underwear is provided for some body treatments.

Polish Drying times:
If you are having a pedicure, we suggest that you bring open-toed shoes so your polish doesn’t smudge before it has an opportunity to harden. Polish can be dry, but takes 24 hours to cure.

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